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battery minder charger
battery tender charger
Model CM6A - 12 Volt 2/4/6 Amp
Charge - Condition - Maintain - Rejuvenate
High Frequency Microprocessor-Controlled Smart Charger
For Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, RV's, and Marine Batteries
Our Part #: CM6A - 12 Volt Microprocessor Controlled Smart Charger
Charging Features:

- Select charging rate of 2, 4, or 6 Amps (charges every battery size - you select)
- 6 Modes of Charging. Soft, Bulk, Absorption, Equalization, Maintenance, & Rejuvenate 
- Select battery type of Maintenance Free, Wet, AGM, or Gell
- Select Rejuvinate feature for Conditioning that removes sulfation and improves power

Design Features:

- Lightweight (under 2 lbs.) with Solid ABS Case
- Dimensions: L 6.5" X W 3.4" H 2.6"
- Small internal fan for cooling.
- Heavy duty power cord.
- Quick Connect Multiple Ends. You select which end to attach to battery.
- LED indicator lights. Charging stage, Charge Current, Battery Type.

Safety and Usage Features:
- Never overcharges.
- Fast charges and then maintains battery in long term storage with pulse charging
- Fully Automatic once set up.
- Remembers previous vehicle charge settings
- Reverse hookup protection - Short Circuit Protection (removable fuse)
- Charges, Conditions, and Maintains up to 10 batteries (Requires extra cables)
- Works on any type of Lead battery including AGM SLA, Flooded, Gell, Maint Free,
- Works on any brand lead battery including Odyssey, Optima, Yuasa, Gil, Concorde
- No need to buy multiple chargers - Charges Aircraft, Car, Truck, RV, Marine, & More 

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