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* We rate this charger at 1amp Peak Current- Yuasa Rates this charger at 900Ma
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Our Part #: CM1D - Fully Automatic SMART  Charger

Plug the charger in and you are done!
Let the Fully Automatic Smart Charging System charge and maintain your battery. Your battery will be ready to go when you are!

Why Spend $45-$50 on other chargers?
Yes, we do sell them and they are all good chargers, but we don't think you should spend money when you don't need too. We highly recommend this charger over any other brand. It has the best power, features, quality, and it is the charger we use in our own shop.
Yuasa PN: YUA1200901 - 900Ma
12 Volt 1 Amp* - UL Listed, Dimensions: 3.8"H x 2.6"W x 2.2"D  2 Pounds

SALE PRICE: Only $29.90
In Stock

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car battery charger Battery Tender
Yuasa SMARTSHOT Charger
Model CM1D - 12 Volt - 1 Amp*
Charge - Condition - Maintain
Microprocessor-Controlled Smart Charger
For Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, RV's, and Marine Batteries

New and Improved over the CM1A!
Yuasa is one of must trusted and recognized brands in the industry. This is one of the most advanced chargers available today and is turning the auto battery charging industry upside down. There are many claims by other charger brands of being the best or the smartest, but one look at the features of this Charger will tell the truth. The best part about this charger is Value! Priced less and with more features. Not just a battery charger, but a Smart Charger that knows exactly what your battery needs.
Why is this "Smart" Charger so much better? Conventional battery maintainers turn off when the battery is charged, wait for the battery discharge, then turn back on. This... on again, off again process cycles the battery and wears it down. The CM1D charges the battery and then turns the charging current down just enough to keep the battery fully charged. Never overcharging and never shutting off.  Its brain knows just what the battery needs!

Sulphation? This happens when batteries are discharged (dead) over time and can kill the performance of your battery. This charger will prevent sulphation and keep your battery maintained in peak condition.

Tough enough to charge batteries that are below 10.5 Volts. Have a battery that is really dead? Most chargers/maintainers will not charge a badly discharged battery. They must be boosted first? The CM1D will bring most dead batteries back to life. When was the last time your battery decided only go somewhat dead?

Don't spend extra money on a "special" charger for Optima Batteries or Gell Batteries. The CM1D will fully charge and maintain these batteries. 
Never have a dead battery in your stored vehicle again! This charger is made to keep your battery fully charged "indefinitely".  It will never over charge and is fully automatic. The battery will be ready for use, when you are. Can be used on any auto, truck, motorcycle type batteries.  Flooded, maintenance free, gel cell, and VRLA.
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