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Battery Tender Plus 
12V 1.25A Battery Chargers

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Our Part #: 021-0128 -   The Best Way to Eliminate Sulfation is to Prevent it!

Battery Tender Plus offers 4-Step Charging with BTP Microprossor technology.  It will automatically charge any type 12 volt storage battery without ever over-charging. Including AGA, SLA, Flooded, Conventional Automotive and Motorcyle batteries. Brands such as Optima, Hawker, etc.

Great for any 12 volt battery. Leave it on any battery/vehicle while in storage and never have to worry about a dead or sulfated (ruined) battery ever again.  Works on cars, motorcycles, ATV's, watercrafts, boats, and generators.
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12 Volt, 1.25 Amp,
10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

30 Day Satisfaction Return Policy

SALE PRICE: Only $44.90
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Why Spend $45 on the Battery Tender Plus? The YUASA Smart Charger is now at a Reduced Price of $29.90
Don't get us wrong, we think the Battery Tender is a great charger, and if you feel comfortable with this brand, you should buy it. But with the increased prices of the Battery Tender and the release of the YUASA Charger CM1D, which charges as fast and offers more features for less then $30, we wouldn't be providing good service to our customers if we didn't mention
YUASA Charger - CM1D Series Micro-Processor Controlled- Smart Charger
Charges at 1 Amp - 12 Volt
- Conditions for More Power!
- Fully Charges, Conditions and then Maintains Automatically
- Never Overcharges - Ready to Go when you are!
- Battery Types Gel, Wet, AGM, MF
- Motorcycle, Auto, Truck, RV, Boat
As Low as: $26.90 with Multiple Unit Purchase
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