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BatteryMINDer® Plus
6 Volt - 1.0 Amp Charger 

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Our Part #: 12106 -                         BatteryMINDer®

Battery MINDer Plus is the first of a new generation of "Computer-On-A-Chip" technology.  It conditions "sulphated" batteries as well as automatically charging any type 6 volt storage battery without ever over-charging. Dubbed the charger with a "brain," it is believed to be the first charger of its kind to reverse the primary cause of early battery failure known as "sulphation". "Sulphation" batteries that were once considered beyond recovery can now be brought back to long-term useful condition.

Great for any 6 volt battery. Leave it on any battery/vehicle while in storage and never have to worry about a dead or sulfated (ruined) battery ever again.  Works on cars, motorcycles, ATV's, watercrafts, boats, and generators.
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6 Volt, 1.0 Amp,
30 Day Satisfaction Return Policy

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Free Battery Condition Indicator Meter with BatteryMinder Purchase (See Below)
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When you purchase a BatteryMinder, you can request a Free Battery Condition Indicator (BCI) be sent to you by the manufacturer.  A $19.99 Value! You must register your BatteryMinder with the manufacturer to receive your SureGuard/BCI. S&H may be extra.

The Battery Condition Indicator (BCI) displays the condition of your battery and charging system instantly!
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